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Neil Burnett Drivers Blog Part 4

Sorry it’s been a little while getting to my 4th blog.
Well worth the wait though… wow! it’s been an exciting time up to the end of the season and starting off 2021.
As I said in blog 3, I travelled to Snetterton for my first race. I arrived in the dark on the Friday night to get a decent nights’ sleep, ready for Saturday evening qualifying.
I slept well, to my surprise and woke up to more drivers arriving, followed by a walk round with my team mate to explain all the exits, entries and scrutineers areas. During Covid, these are done on a random check basis.
When you register and pay for the race, you have to sign to confirm that all race clothing is in date and in good condition.
Saturday evening… first practice /qualifying!
What an experience! I followed my team mate to the holding area and the car was spot checked on the way by scrutineers.
5 minute wait…  Start engines… this is it Neil, you’re off out on the track for a qualifying session!
At this point, I was nervous, checking out the track for the first few laps. Then, go for it! nice and safely to see what times I could get
The next day was race day. Times ok, but certainly ‘new boy’ ones lol, on the back of the grid, but that will do me as lots to learn!
Was I worried? no. Was I apprehensive? yep!
Was I excited? for sure!
Warm up lap… line up on grid, red light on, then off!
Wow wow wow! what an awesome feeling as you power to the first corner. All round, phew! now let’s see how it goes and keep learning every bit of the way.
The race was good. I kept up with the others at the back of the race so I was pleased with that.
Race 2, I knew the procedure better now. Red light off, and off we go again! feeling more confident this time and I just kept learning all the time. 
I ended up second from last place, so I was really pleased with that and looking forward to Oulton Park for the last race of the season in October 2020. Can’t wait, I’m loving it.
A few weeks later, I travelled to Oulton park for the last race of the season. Rain is forecast! I had a good nights’ sleep, then it was windy & rained all day!
Hey, what an experience for me!! Pretty scary, but in a good way. I learnt so much about my car handling and being on a track at race speed with a mixed grid. 
All turned out well, both myself and the car safe and the car back on the trailer.
It rained the whole day and race 2 was cancelled due to this.
So that’s it! 2020 season ends…bring on 2021!
Will let you know how that goes in another blog.
I have totally loved my first races. The club members are awesome and always there to help.
If you’re thinking of having a go, go for it!
Thanks for reading.