Neil Burnett Drivers Blog part 3

Hi all,

Well here we go! I’m booked in for my first race at Snetterton on 5th/6th September 2020.

Here’s how it happened…
After passing my ARDS test at Cadwell, I set out to get my car up to FIA specifications for its’ first race.

The car needed a new harness fitting. This has to be in date to allow you to race. The expiry date is on the harness.

I had to fit a new fire supression kit with a 4L fire extinguisher to meet the 2021 specifications.

I changed the polycarbonate in the rear and side windows and got my name and racing number put on.

I cleaned the car fully with Covid 19 slowing things down a great deal in our lives.

I was planning to race at Silverstone but that was cancelled due to Covid 19.

Then Donnington came along with restrictions but I was not ready due to work being restricted, so I went to help out in the pits my new team mate Pete Coleman. It was a good meeting and I was excited to be there.

As work picked up, I got the car finished and ready to race. The trailer has just been serviced to make sure I  get there safely.

The tyres I am using are not brand new but what the guys in the race team have provided me with, to keep costs down a little with having to get a lot of kit this year that will hopefuly last a few years. Tyres are usually bought yearly

The engine oil and filter is changed after every race meeting to protect the engine.

It finally feels like I’m going to be out there with the Drayton Manor MG Metro Cup racing guys and girls, so exciting stuff now. The set up costs and hiccups have all been worth it!

If you’re reading this thinking ‘shall I have a go?’ then yes! do it! It’s a great club with great competitors who will always help you out where they can and give you advice when you need it.

Don’t worry about getting lost with things, there is always someone not far away to ask.

I filled in all my entry forms this week and paid my entry fee. I’m now awaiting instructions.  

You also have to display your novice sticker on the rear of the car to show the other drivers you are new to racing. This has a yellow background with a black cross in it.

I will add some pictures to show you what I have done and the things I’ve bought to get ready for racing.

I have a new helmet, race suit and footwear, all to FIA specifications. Your PPE/racewear must be in date and in good condition or you will not be allowed to race.

All I need to do now is race the car and ENJOY it too, which is my main objective. You can also watch the racing on Facebook, on the My Super Car page.

Many of the cars have cameras on board. Mine does too, so you will be able to see how I get on on the day, from the cockpit.

So…the 5th/6th September 2020 will be my first race day ever, so if you’re thinking of having a go, do it, it’s a great club.

Right, that’s it for now. Here are a few pictures of the car now It’s finished