Go Racing

So, you want to start motor racing.
Congratulations, you have chosen the most economic, competitive and friendly race series in the UK. There are few things you will need to do before you hit the track and hopefully this guide will help you.


Firstly, you will need to get the MSA go racing pack for Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS). The pack contains :

A Competition Licence application form (the cost of your first licence is included in the pack price), A CD version of the MSA Yearbook. An instructional DVD ,a booklet outlining the next steps to take in order to acquire your first Competition Licence.
The next step is to arrange with your doctor to have the race medical checks. Some GP’s will charge for this. At this point you may take your ARDS test and upon successful completion apply for your license. However race licenses run from January to December yearly and have to be renewed each year. If you don’t intend competing until the following year it may be best waiting until you are ready to race and have your car and equipment ready.

The car, Buy or Prepare?

You have two options now. Buy a race ready car or prepare a road car from scratch. There are many advantages to the former. You won’t have to put nearly so much time into getting it ready and you won’t need to make any improvements until you can match the previous keeper’s results.
Preparing a car from scratch can be a worthwhile experience as you can configure to your exact specifications but it will take you much longer to get it ready for racing.
Either way, refer to the MSA blue book for information to ensure your car meets the minimum safety and technical requirements as well as the championship regulations.

Safety equipment

You will require an MSA approved suit, helmet, HANS or similar device, gloves and boots. It’s also recommended to obtain fireproof underwear and balaclava. Make sure any equipment you buy is within date, has the correct stickers and is of the best specification you can afford, you don’t want to cut corners with these items. Make sure your seat belts and fire extinguisher are also within their expiry dates.

Registration & Entry

To race with the MG Metro Cup, you will need to become a member of our organising club the MG Car club.
Yearly memberships start at £45 and include a monthly members magazine and a number of benefits. You will also need to register with our championship by filling out our online form or getting in touch with our co-ordinator by using our contact page. You can enter a race from the MGCC car club race entry page
You will also need to register with the competition secretary to obtain your online entry details.

Race entry fees are around £245.00 or £375.00 for a double header. Make sure you enter at least two weeks before a race or you will have to pay an extra late entry fee.

Further Information
That’s the basics to going racing. If you need any further information or help do not hesisteae to contact us , we will gladly answer any questions you may have.